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Archie Ambrose Northup was born the third child of Charles Wesley and Eliza Blanch Northup on September 24, 1878 in Tracey, Minnesota; Lyon County. Archie walked 3 and a half miles to school in the prairie country around Amiret, Minnesota in Lyon County, where they lived when he was born. In 1896, they sold the farm in Lyon county and moved to the area around Phelps Mill. They spent most of the rest of their lives, with the exception of three years in Delavan when times were hard and Archie's Dad needed to go to work. Archie rode a bicycle up to Ottertail from the farm in Lyon County. The trip took 11 days from Oct 5th to the 16th. They hewed a home of logs in the dense woods on the banks of the Ottertail River. He loved to fish and trap, so this country was to his liking, and he never got over it til his dying day, leaving his home in the suburbs of Chicago in his old age to die on the land he loved in Ottertail County. In the Fall of 1905, he met Myrtle Johnson, daughter of Parker and Ella Johnson and they were married on September 12, 1909. Myrtle was born 24 July 1893 in Ottertail County. Archie and Myrtle started house-keeping in a house on the East side of West Lost Lake about a mile from Charles and Eliza. The second place burned in a fire caused by a chimney fire. That place was only about a quarter mile from the home place. Then they moved to the Johnson house. Wesley, the second child, was born there. This was just up the hill from Phelps Mill, which Archie helped build. Next, he built a house of Balm of Gilead logs on a place they called the 48 acres across the river. Here, Archie made his first real attempt to make a living farming, raising sugar cane and onions to sell. He had a cane mill for squeezing the canes and vats for cooking the sorghum. Other people brought in cane for him to process. Margie was born in that house.

Archie and Myrtle were brought to Aurora, Illinois by son, Dean where they lived most of their later years until finally in the Summer of 1958, Archie bought a string of traps and packed up a few things and headed "Home" where he died that Winter in the old house he had built in Maine Township on 19 February 1959.
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Dean brought Myrtle to Minnesota to live in a rest home, after she fell and broke her hip. She died in the living room at Vyron and Helen's place in Puposky while watching television on December 6, 1966.

Archie Ambrose Northup Family

Children of Archie Ambrose and Myrtle Northup

Vyron Leslie Northup; B. Sept. 3, 1910 M. Helen Ruth Knox; Sept. 20, 1936 D. Nov 04, 1999
Wesley Northup; B. Mar. 6, 1912 M. Guertsey Jenne died ??
Marjorie Florence Northup; B. Mar. 27, 1918 M. Clinton Hanson; ?? died; ??
Dean Erwin Northup; B. Sept. 21, 1921 M. Verdell Damschen; ?? died N/A
Vera Mae Northup; B. Mar. 16, 1926 M. Eldred Charles Damschen ; ?? died April, 1978
Archie and Myrtle as a young couple
A good picture of Archie
A good picture of Myrtle
The Whole Family
The Whole Family in 1955
Archie and Myrtle in Aurora with Donnie and Linda in 1953